Comprehensive Wealth Management

Make your assets work harder for you.

Navigating Your Wealth

Cash Assets

Explore alternatives beyond traditional savings which tend to offer lower returns. Consider higher-yielding instruments or money market funds for better efficiency.

Investment Philosophy

A dialogue-driven approach to understanding your risk tolerance. Our focus is on sustainable, long-term growth rather than short-term gains. We help manage risk more effectively and strive to protect our clients from making costly emotional decisions.

Strategic Asset Placement

Importance of placing investments in the right types of accounts for tax efficiency, including considerations for trusts, corporate accounts and other vehicles that offer asset protection.

Diversification and Cost Management
Diversification does not protect against loss. Investors should not assume that investments in any security, asset class, sector, market, or strategy will be profitable and no representations are made that clients will be able to achieve a certain level of performance, or avoid loss. All investments carry risk of loss. Investment results will fluctuate and may be highly volatile, particularly over the short term. Past performance is not a guide of future results.

Commitment to diversifying your investments to help mitigate risk, utilizing low-cost investment vehicles with a track record, and avoiding putting all your eggs in one basket.

Advanced Tax Strategies

Implementing tax loss harvesting to enhance the efficiency of your investments seeking to make your brokerage account operate similar to a tax-advantaged vehicle.

Traditional Wealth Management

A Crucial, but Easily Confusing Journey. FD Wealth: Strategic & Analytical, but Clear and Comprehensible.

If you’re here, you already know: Having a carefully crafted wealth management strategy is one of the best decisions you can make for your financial wellbeing. But it’s not easy figuring out what direction to turn, obstacles to avoid, and roads to success. There are a lot of things you can do, but which work best for your unique situation? Where should you begin? How do you keep track of it all? What do you do when things don’t go as planned? At FD Wealth, we help answer those questions and more.

Planning Efficient Pathways to Maximize Cash Assets

There’s more than one route to enhance cash returns. We give you options.

With FD Wealth, explore alternatives to traditional savings like brokered CDs or money market accounts that have the potential for higher returns and to give you more bang for your buck.

Balancing Risk and Opportunity For the Long Haul

Our Investment Philosophy: Sustainable long-term growth rather than short-term gains.

With us, your wealth management is an ongoing conversation. We believe in a dialogue-driven approach to understanding your risk tolerance.

We strive to make holistic and personalized strategic investment decisions intended to maintain optimal portfolio health for the future and the present alike.

Strategic Asset Placement

Investing is one thing, but are you investing in the right places?

It matters what types of accounts you use. We help you place investments in the right type of accounts and strategies that offer both tax efficiency and asset protection.

Diversifying for the Fullest Experience
Investors should not assume that diversification or any other investment strategy will be profitable and no representations are made that clients will be able to achieve a certain level of performance, or avoid loss.  Please refer to Important Disclosures at the end of this presentation

If your wealth management is a journey, then diversifying your investments is how we believe we can best help you navigate the terrain of risk and reward.

Adaptability and risk management are the name of the game. We’re committed to spreading investments among different asset classes to help mitigate risk. We analyze the current market environment seeking to adjust allocations strategically.

Implementing Advanced Tax Strategies
We do not provide legal, tax or accounting advice.Any discussion of tax mitigation strategies is not intended to be used for the Purpose of Avoiding Taxes or Penalties.

Every step along the way, we’re equipping you with tools designed to help you achieve the greatest benefit based on your individual situation.

Implement tax loss harvesting to enhance after tax returns.

Experience Boutique, Informed, and Accessible 
Wealth Management

Smart & Strategic

Move with the markets

Clients trust us to adapt their wealth management strategy to current market conditions.

Optimize your portfolio

We actively gather market insights, conduct analysis of economic trends, and strive to strategically adjust our approach.

Dedicated & Agile

Receive boutique level support

When it comes to investing, the more attentive and personal the better. As a boutique firm, our independent, investment team is able to offer the type of dedicated, individualized investment advice that you deserve.

Access more options

We capitalize on our independence, agility and ability to explore smaller, investment opportunities that may not be available through larger institutions.

Educational & Empowering

Understand what’s happening

Clients trust us to adapt their wealth management strategy to current market conditions.

Make informed decisions

We offer regular updates and insights, ensuring you’re equipped with knowledge for decision-making.

Build Your Most Optimal Portfolio

Growth and Accountability

We keep you informed and grounded, helping steer clear of hasty decisions that might impact your financial objectives and encouraging strategic action.

Deepening Risk Awareness

Receive unwavering support & education from your advisor. Understand how to navigate your portfolio’s risk landscape, especially in challenging times.

Advising with Confident Expertise

Trust our commitment to tailor advice to your family’s unique situation & financial goals.

Maintaining Tax Efficiency & Liquidity

We seek to manage portfolios for tax efficiency and liquidity to help you maintain access to your funds, adapting strategies to changes in tax laws.

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