It’s Your Legacy – Own It.

Our streamlined process reflects your wishes and helps secure your legacy while  striving to minimize complexity.

Simplifying the Estate Planning Process.

We Aim to Keep Things Easy and Practical Without Sacrificing a Personal Touch.

Simplified legacy planning finalized within 2-3 meetings. Preparing: Initial Legacy Planning Questionnaire. We’re not expecting you to already know what you want. It’s our job to help you figure that out. Our advisors know the questions to ask. FD Wealth’s concise and effective information-gathering phase takes a straightforward approach to determining your goals and priorities.

Making Estate Planning a Partnership. Clients Choose FD Wealth Because We Care.

A Streamlined Process Prioritizing Efficiency

Your time is an asset in and of itself. Where other firms pull you into seemingly endless and costly meetings, we aim to finalize your estate plan within only 2-3 meetings.

Asset Protection

We know asset protection inside and out, including for significant real estate investments. Our dedicated advisors apply their knowledge and experience to help you select the best estate planning strategies for your situation.

Adaptable, Negotiated Attorney Costs

We don’t believe in intimidating or out of reach estate planning. Between our succinct process and relationships with several attorneys, we are able to help you manage costs more effectively.

Business Succession Expertise

Estate planning with FD Wealth covers all of the important parts of your life, including your business. As a business owner, you receive guidance on succession planning and partnership agreements.

Cement a Major Foundation for a Comfortable Future.

Thoughtful Estate Planning with FD Wealth is the action you take today that will protect you tomorrow.

Establish Peace of Mind

It’s hard to live in the moment while juggling uncertainties about what could happen down the line. Rest assured knowing that you have taken steps to ensure your estate will be managed according to 
your wishes.

Control the Details

You know your unique estate better than anyone. Tailor the distribution of your assets with precision, controlling the who, when, and how.

Establish Efficiency and Privacy

Good estate plans avoid messy transitions. Facilitate a smooth passage to heirs while avoiding the delays and publicity of probate.

Protect Taxes and Assets

Thorough protection does your future generations a favor. Implement strategies for tax efficiency and risk mitigation strategies to help preserve your patrimony.

Ensure Continuity in Incapacity

You’re your own best advocate. Establish Directives that protect your wishes if you cannot make 
active decisions.

Begin With Confidence

Partner with FD Wealth to create an estate plan that stands as a testament to your life’s work and values.
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