Jorge Valdes, CFP®

Founding Principal

Jorge Valdes started providing insurance and investment solutions for South Florida business owners in 1989. His initial training in the industry was so confusing and convoluted that he vowed to abandon what his mentors had preached. Today, he aims to simplify solutions, so his clients have a complete understanding of what they are getting.

Transparency and integrity are two of the core values Financial Designs upholds. Its culture prioritizes its clients above all. Financial Designs’ client-focused approach sets the company apart from others in the industry. Jorge and his team are captive to no one company or product, instead they are captive to the client. They implement the strategies most efficient for our clients. One of Jorge’s favorite lines is, “If it doesn’t work the way you think it should, it’s our problem!” He is committed to building partnerships with his clients and always focuses on long-term relationships.

“Business owners are great at making money, but often lack the time to turn that success into a lasting legacy for themselves and their families.”

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