Retirement Planning

Corporate Retirement Plans

Offering your employees the right retirement plan is key for retention and a happy working environment. However, choosing the right plan can be challenging due to constantly changing rules and regulations. At FD Wealth, we analyze your company’s situation and the costs associated with your existing plan to establish the most appropriate plan for you. We review the plan quarterly to ensure the most efficient investment options are available to your employees. Once finalized, we continue to support your employees with asset allocation advice and any other questions they may have.

Services offered include:

  • Identify most efficient employer plan
  • Review costs and available investment options
  • Employee support

Individual Retirement Plans

We believe establishing a retirement contribution plan early on can pave the way to maintaining your lifestyle once your primary income comes to an end. Our advisors review your current plan and investment allocations and then focus on maximizing your savings to assist you in achieving your retirement goals. 

Services offered include:

  • Contribution analysis to maximize savings
  • Retirement needs analysis
  • Income distribution strategies