Simplifying the World of Finance

Our Philosophy

We understand the intricacies of running a business. It becomes demanding of any owner’s time and that often means certain things go unattended. We’re here to ensure that your personal finances don’t fall to the wayside. Our principles are integrity & transparency. That’s the way to earning your trust. We put your needs front and center. That is possible thanks to our independence & access to a multitude of investments and institutions. By taking the time to fully understand the scope of your finances, we come up with an investment plan catered to you and your family’s future. Your peace of mind is our goal and responsibility.

We Design Your Future’s Foundation

As an entrepreneur, our CEO Jorge Valdes had tunnel vison when it came to building his businesses. That bred success, but it also created personal blind spots. When he noticed them, all the personal financial decisions that required attention, he knew many other business owners would find themselves in similar predicaments. That thought served as the seed for Financial Designs Wealth. Wealth management catered to business owners by a business owner.

Our aim is simple. To provide business owners with a clear path to securing their finances and legacy. Our 360 approach means putting together an integrated strategy that will help grow, protect, and prolong assets for generations to come. Together we will design your family’s financial future.